What is this blog about? Good question!

I decedied to set the site up to allow me an easy and cheap way to chart my progress as I renovate my kitchen and possibly other rooms in my house.  As I can quickly post message and photos on line I can keep a log of my work that I can refer back to later and maybe even other people might find useful.

If you want to know about me, the author, then there arent many exciting details I’m afraid.

Arsenal Football Club

Arsenal Football Club, My Favourite Team

I live in London, am old enough to remember Betamax and am a life long Arsenal Football Club fan.

I work in the IT sector doing consulting and contracting for companies big and small but have yet to work in the web and online sector so I hope my IT skills will transfer over to this project!

I’ve not done any real DIY jobs before so this one will be all new to me.

Hopefully you will join me on my journey.


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