What a Season

Following on from my last post about not having any more distractions to keep me from the task in hand I should probably mention that the 2011/12 English Premier League season has been a massive distraction this year.

Although its not on the topic of this blog I can’t help but mention it. Being an Arsenal fan the season got off to a terrible start that even had some of the faithful calling for the head of our manager Arsen Wenger. Thankfully he stuck with the club and lead us to a third place finish which although it doesn’t sound that impressive a place to finish it means we qualify for the Euro League for a 15th straight year.

The manager might claim finishing third is as good as a trophy but we all know that isn’t true. But if we hadn’t finished third we would be even further away from getting a trophy to end the drought. Now we have guaranteed Champions league football next season we are in a better position to keep hold of any restless players and also have more chance of landing a top flight player. Without European football you can only really attract big names by offering big salaries and we are not willing to do that.

Hopefully the lure of a move to London and a chance to play in Europe might persuade a couple of high calibre players to sign with us over the summer.  There have been noises about M’Villa signing for us but it is early days and a few other clubs are after him.

Anyway, now that the season is over I can focus on getting my kitchen sorted, at least until Euro 2012 starts!


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