Getting Started!

Hi there. If you’ve stumbled across my blog I hope you are glad to be here! 

my kitchen

My Kitchen in May 2012

I’m just a regular guy with grand ambitions to transform the kitchen in my house into a stunning example of what such a room can be.

I will be logging my experiences here so you can follow my progress and hopefully get some tips on I do and maybe even leave me a comment to help me on my way.

At the moment my kitchen is in a bit of state with just an old set of appliances and worn out fixtures and fittings. My goal is to replace everything in as quick as time as possible in order to minimise the downtime for this room.  The longer my kitchen is out of commission the longer I will have to live off takeaways which isn’t the end of the world but could end up being quite costly not to mention the damage to my waistline!

I’ve gotten a few quotes from builders for the raw materials and if I manage to do most of the donkey work myself it shouldn’t end up being too costly although if I find myself  out of my depth then I will have to swallow my pride and call in the services of a professional.

There are some jobs I definitely won’t be able to do like the electrics and the gas work so I will have to get a qualified tradesman in to do that. I’ve got a few friends in this game so hopefully I can get some “mate’s rates” along the way to keep the costs down.

The price of the kitchen appliances will probably be the highest as new fridges and freezers are pretty expensive these days not to mention ovens and all the rest of the gear I will need.

Wish me luck!

Fingers crossed I don’t end up like any of these guys!


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