What a Season

Following on from my last post about not having any more distractions to keep me from the task in hand I should probably mention that the 2011/12 English Premier League season has been a massive distraction this year.

Although its not on the topic of this blog I can’t help but mention it. Being an Arsenal fan the season got off to a terrible start that even had some of the faithful calling for the head of our manager Arsen Wenger. Thankfully he stuck with the club and lead us to a third place finish which although it doesn’t sound that impressive a place to finish it means we qualify for the Euro League for a 15th straight year.

The manager might claim finishing third is as good as a trophy but we all know that isn’t true. But if we hadn’t finished third we would be even further away from getting a trophy to end the drought. Now we have guaranteed Champions league football next season we are in a better position to keep hold of any restless players and also have more chance of landing a top flight player. Without European football you can only really attract big names by offering big salaries and we are not willing to do that.

Hopefully the lure of a move to London and a chance to play in Europe might persuade a couple of high calibre players to sign with us over the summer.  There have been noises about M’Villa signing for us but it is early days and a few other clubs are after him.

Anyway, now that the season is over I can focus on getting my kitchen sorted, at least until Euro 2012 starts!


No More Distractions!

A big project at work is over and me and my team are just spinning our wheel until the contract ends in a few months. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not sitting around idly twiddling our thumbs. Its just that the main project deliverables have been well and truly delivered and now its the time to let the system bed in and let the testing team do their thing.  This means I can spend more than just my lunch breaks reading up on the best ways to renovate my kitchen and start drawing up some short lists of the equipment and appliances I want to buy.

I’ve had my eye on one of those massive American style fridge freezers for a while now but my kitchen has been in such a sorry state since I bought my house that a quality appliance like that would’ve looked right out of place and highlighted the dilapitated state my kitchen was in.

hardware store

The Hardware Store

Now that I am doing up my kitchen though I can start taking a proper look at the some of the options. These fridges aren’t cheap but they look pretty cool so what can you do?  The popular Samsung RSG5UCRS fridge freezer looks like the best option in terms of price and features but I will make my mind up nearer the time I think.

After the fridge there is the oven to choose, at the moment I am making do with a mini oven which is ok but not quite what I have in mind for the long term.

A dishwasher is pretty much an essential item in this day and age so that will have to go on the list too.

Lots to do and that is just the stuff after the main graft has been done!

So before I get ahead of myself I better take a few steps back and start thinking about what flooring I am going to put in and what colour the walls will be. A trip to B&Q is on the cards this weekend I guess. Thankfully the season is over – can’t believe I said that but there you go!

Getting Started!

Hi there. If you’ve stumbled across my blog I hope you are glad to be here! 

my kitchen

My Kitchen in May 2012

I’m just a regular guy with grand ambitions to transform the kitchen in my house into a stunning example of what such a room can be.

I will be logging my experiences here so you can follow my progress and hopefully get some tips on I do and maybe even leave me a comment to help me on my way.

At the moment my kitchen is in a bit of state with just an old set of appliances and worn out fixtures and fittings. My goal is to replace everything in as quick as time as possible in order to minimise the downtime for this room.  The longer my kitchen is out of commission the longer I will have to live off takeaways which isn’t the end of the world but could end up being quite costly not to mention the damage to my waistline!

I’ve gotten a few quotes from builders for the raw materials and if I manage to do most of the donkey work myself it shouldn’t end up being too costly although if I find myself  out of my depth then I will have to swallow my pride and call in the services of a professional.

There are some jobs I definitely won’t be able to do like the electrics and the gas work so I will have to get a qualified tradesman in to do that. I’ve got a few friends in this game so hopefully I can get some “mate’s rates” along the way to keep the costs down.

The price of the kitchen appliances will probably be the highest as new fridges and freezers are pretty expensive these days not to mention ovens and all the rest of the gear I will need.

Wish me luck!

Fingers crossed I don’t end up like any of these guys!